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Its time to forget the traditional, cluttered VLE’s that are readily available in today's market…


Rather than causing teachers, students and parents to waste time with unnecessary tools, our VLE is both easy to use and incredibly time saving. The generic systems with countless logins are now a thing of the past. With eArete’s learning software you are able to customise and adapt your platform in conjunction with the work you plan to achieve. 

We are passionate about delivering a ground-breaking educational online tool for organisations globally. With our range of expertise and vast amount of knowledge we are confident that we can do just this!



General school organisation

When logging in to eArete’s VLE, in addition to the general management tools available to you, each and every user will also have instant access to a personal calendar and events diary. The calendar can be edited and managed by all users, ensuring you will never miss an important deadline or event!

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When accessing the system, there are options on each users homepage to amend font size and background colour. Many children and adults with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia and autistic spectrum disorders have obvious problems when reading online. This can be easily corrected with something as simple as coloured overlay or text enhancement.

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We have added a tool bar within the system that allows each user to amend their profile to suit their specific needs and preferences. This feature is something that many VLE'S today do not implement. However, we believe this is a crucial element to supporting all children. 

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Notifications can alert all users when deadlines are imminent or vital school information is posted, via the main homepage tool bar.

Each individual can create and put together their own profile for the VLE. Within the profile, in addition to basic details such as your name, it will show all form class and subject class information relevant to you.

Utilising each of these general organisational tools will ensure teachers and students will save time and be sure never to forget or dismiss any work/events within the school terms.




Homework management

Teachers will now have an easy and effective tool to upload and edit homework for each of their pupils. It is crucial for teachers to be able to visibly see those that have completed their homework. With this easy to use component within the system, they can see at a glance whether students have completed or even just viewed the homework that has been set for them, allowing the teachers to act accordingly.

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Homework assignments are easily uploaded using our unique drag and drop feature. Media materials, images and videos can also be uploaded using this tool. Important deadlines can be set and monitored within seconds, at the click of a button.


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"Great timesaving and easy to use tool with zero paperwork involved



Classwork management

Classwork can be set in the exact same way as homework, benefiting from all the same time saving attributes.


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Class/group management

Although students will be added by IT admin staff at the beginning of each school year, the ability to manage and create or change form classes is simple. Staff can amend and view each of their year groups including the number of students in each class, the subjects and individual student information. Teachers can benefit from an overall view of all the homework and classwork for each of their classes.


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Asset Management and Resource sharing

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With the easy-to-use Drop & Drag feature, all users can place various documents, images, videos and media materials into the system to be used for either homework, classwork or learning resources. 


The Asset Manager allows users to look back at uploads and templates that have been installed or used previously.


Favourites can be organised and prioritised easily, with a search facility to request something specific. This is a great tool to use when trying to locate a particular file among a vast number of uploads.  




Behavioural records

Each and every child’s behaviour is different and must of course be suitably recorded. With our merit system integrated within the homepage, this allows staff to document important milestones, whether that is praise or noting down when a students actions need further documentation, this is all easily viewed instantaneously.

Behavioural merits can also be logged against a student and the class they attend. All information can be easily managed and amended with simple, easy to read instructions to help you along the way. 



eArete’s Virtual Learning Environment software allows you the use our system anywhere, on any device, at any time.


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