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Long forgotten are the days of using several different systems, integration is the key to successful management! Remember, our little ones are just as important… 

We are fully aware that there are set standards for the learning development and care of children from birth to five years old. Understanding how important our little ones are, we have designed this package for Early Years students either within schools, pre-schools, nurseries or perhaps for those organisations that are Ofsted registered but working independently.



General school organisation

When logging in to eArete’s EYFS software, in addition to the general management tools available to you, each and every user will also have instant access to a personal calendar and events diary. The calendar can be edited and managed by all users, ensuring you will never miss an important deadline or event!

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When accessing the system, there are options on each users homepage to amend font size and background colour. Many children and adults with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia and autistic spectrum disorders have obvious problems when reading online. This can be easily corrected with something as simple as coloured overlay or text enhancement.

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We have added a tool bar within the system that allows each staff member to amend their profile to suit their specific needs and preferences. This feature is something that many EYFS systems today do not implement. However, whilst the child will not be using this system, the EYFS practitioner will and we therefore believe this is a crucial element to supporting each and every user. 

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Notifications can alert all users when deadlines are imminent or vital nursery or pre-school information is posted, via the main homepage tool bar.

Each individual can have a profile created for them. Within the profile, in addition to basic details such as their name, you can also add important information such as any disabilities.

Utilising each of these general organisational tools will ensure that EYFS practitioners will save time and be sure to never forget or dismiss any work/events within the nursery or pre-school.




Observation management

With baseline assessments and observations key to the EYFS program set my government professionals today, we have included an in depth management tool where all observations for each and every pupil can be recorded, saved and edited. Beginning the observation, EYFS practitioners will have the ability to add in basic information such as the date, time, a title and any relevant next steps that need to be taken. The practitioner will then be able to go on and write the observation into the allocated sections within the form.


One important feature to consider with our new system, is that you can not only record an assessment for one child, you can do this for multiple children and assess these as a group rather than individually. This is something that from detailed research we have discovered is extreamly important to EYFS practitioners and is massively time saving.

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Once the basic observation has been completed, the software then allows the EYFS practitioners to add in any images or videos that were taken throughout the assessment or relevant media to support their findings. Our easy to use, Drag & Drop feature ensures the entering of this media is simple to use, saving time for the individual.

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The management software allows you to then enter more detailed findings. The EYFS software gives you the option to enter any characteristics and additional elements to your records. As you can see from the table below, the assessments are divided into several sections as dictated by the government guidelines today - this is also regularly updated accordingly. 

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Again, similarly to the above, all EYFS Characteristics from the assessment are split into various segments. This is also updated as the above, when government guidelines are adapted and amended. The EYFS assessment management feature we provide allows practitioners a detailed and comprehensive record of each and every pupils progress. This is vital as at such a young age the growth and development of a child is of upmost importance.

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"Rather than printing off an assessment for every pupil in the nursery, we can now record all of that information effectively online and allow parents to access this easily" 



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  Asset Management and Resource sharing

With the easy-to-use Drop & Drag feature, all users can place various documents, images, videos and media materials into the system to be used for either assessments, observations or general learning resources. 

The Asset Manager allows users to look back at uploads and templates that have been installed or used previously.

Favourites can be organised and prioritised easily, with a search facility to request something specific. This is a great tool to use when trying to locate a particular file among a vast number of uploads.  Alongside general media materials, any EYFS documents can be uploaded by the department head or 'super users' that relate to the Early Years Framework.


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Parental Access to Child's EYFS Details

Once a parent has logged in to their area of the EYFS system, they will have the ability to view three different sectors to their child's learning journal. Firstly, they will be able to view the full journal for each of their children to date, at the click of a button.

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As parents are a vital asset to the growth and development to their children, it is important for them to be able to comment and add any additional feedback to their child's journal. This can involve something that the parent is trying to do to help the learning and development of their child, any new interests their child has taken an interest in or even update the EYFS practitioners within the nursery or pre-school, of any family news or relevant information. 

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Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 15.30.43Finally, as with all eArete systems, each parent will have the opportunity to look over the organisations calendar to ensure no dates or deadlines are missed. Any support requested can be completed easily through out support forms, along with any feedback regarding either the software, the teachers or the educational organisation itself. 



eArete’s Early Years Foundation Software allows you to use our system anywhere, on any device, at any time.

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