Paper-based Vs. Electronic EYFS observations

Paper-based Vs. Electronic EYFS observations

We tend to stick to traditional working methods because its what we know strattera dosage. Stepping outside our comfort zone is something we try to avoid. Impressing Ofsted and maintaining an outstanding nursery can be challenging. Trusting what you know is seen as the easy option. But its also important to stay up-to-date with the latest innovations, and an online learning and management system is the step you need to take to warrant this.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum means that nursery staff need to carry out regular observations of every child within the organisation, ensuring that their learning and development incorporates their interests and needs as well as recording special moments within their progress. The evidence collected from these observations is analysed regularly to make assessments of the children’s learning and development, against the government guidelines. Most nurseries are still stuck in the dark ages, using a paper-based system to record these observations.

But what happens when you loose an observation? What if the government guidelines change? How do you search for data quickly without having to read through every page of each individuals learning journal?

This is where technology flourishes…

EYFS practitioners have many concerns over technology and recording observations. However, the benefits to using an online eJournal definitely out ways any worries over technology, and here’s why:


Taking photographs within observations.

It’s a pain having to take a photo on the camera, upload all your images and scroll through numerous files to retrieve the photo you are after. Utilising a tablet, with a camera enables staff to take a picture during an observation and upload it straight away onto the individual’s observation.

Saving Time.

We’ve all been there, when we’ve missed an assesment and had to flick back through the entire journal of information to search for the one we are missing. Utilising an online system will ensure you are notified if there is a missing assessment, down to the specific criteria that is required.

Progress Reports.

Ever wanted to see how just the boys are developing in your nursery? Or how a certain age bracket is progressing? With an online system you can filter through various preferences and within seconds have a progress report displayed for your analysis. These can be transformed into bar charts, pie charts and various different graphs to improve the way in which you can interpret your data.

Communication, internally and externally.

Rather than printing out a memo or newsletter every week, just send it through the online management system. Notify your staff when their deadlines are, or remind parents when term times begin. Instead of wondering if everyone has seen your latest news bulletin, publish it within your online portal for everyone to see.

These are just a few of the ways in which an electronic method of recording assessments out way the old, tired paper-based method you have used for years.


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