Virtual Learning for Students

As students are at the forefront of the technology world, it is fundamental for them to be able to complete tasks and view important school information effectively and as quickly as possible. Schools can reinforce vital events such as exams information, but more importantly to the students, when their next holiday is!


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Hand Two School planner and reminders

When logging in to eArete’s VLE, in addition to the general management tools available to you, each and every user will also have instant access to a personal calendar and events diary. The calendar can be edited and managed by all users, ensuring you will never miss an important deadline or event!


Hand Two Easy communication with both teachers and other students

With our internal feedback and comment system, students can communicate instantly with their teachers when uploading or discussing any homework or classwork assignments that have been set. This avoids any unnecessary delays and wasted time when completing homework.


Hand TwoAbility to interact with multi media learning resources

Media materials, images and videos can be uploaded and utilised by students to support and express a visual way of learning. These can be posted within homework or classwork assignments and used during lessons, using our unique easy-to-use drag and drop feature.


Hand Two Time saving and secure

Our simple interface allows users to complete numerous tasks quickly and effectively, therefore saving time. Our one-step access point with only ONE login is extremely safe with our high level of security and encryption. We have a firm belief that security is imperative and of substantial importance to educational organisations.


Hand Two Available to use anywhere on any device

eArete’s Virtual Learning Environment software allows you to use our system anywhere, on any device, at any time.


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