Virtual Learning Access for Parents

Parents are equally important in the educational environment of their child. Although access is not compulsory, they will have the ability to track their child's progression when necessary.





Hand Two Access to your Child's homework

As parents, we all like to keep a check on our child’s educational progress. It’s not uncommon for children to hide the events of their school day, including homework. Our VLE enables parents to have full visibility of their child’s schooling, including access to the assignments they have been set. This ensures that no work is ‘forgotten’ or ‘misplaced’…


Hand Two View your Child's timetables and important school events

It is fundamental as a parent, to be fully aware of your child’s school term times. If you are booking holidays or personal events, the school calendar is crucial to refer to. With access to both the schools calendar and students individual timetable, no important dates will be missed.


Hand Two Newsletter & other details

The days of finding a crumpled up newsletter in the bottom of your child's bag is no longer a problem! All newsletters and any other relevant information handed out to pupils, including recipes and ingredients for food tech class, will all be available to view in advance, avoiding any embarrassing situations...


Hand Two Available to use anywhere on any device

eArete’s Virtual Learning Environment software allows you to use our system anywhere, on any device, at any time.


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