Education IT Professionals

eArete's educational software not only benefits teachers, students and parents but the IT professionals too!

Although you are hidden behind a computer, with many advanced technical elements within the system, IT experts will also save time and effort completing general day-to-day tasks.


Hand Two Easy System Integration 

Our VLE and EYFS software can easily be integrated in to your IT infrastructure, enabling you to extract user and class information from various resources such as Active Directory, SIMS and many more. With system integration, your users will not be required to have another set of logins. The same username and password combination will allow them to log in to their computers and emails, as well as our VLE and EYFS software.


Hand Two Single Sign On

By utilising Internet Explorer/Edge browser with your school or establishment, you will be able to enable the ‘Single Sign-On’ option, meaning that once a user is logged in to their computer, they will automatically login to our VLE and EYFS software thus resulting in a quicker and smoother user experience.


Hand Two Centralised Management

Unique centralised management of work, assignments and resources can be provided resulting in saving valuable time.


Hand Two Invaluable Support

Support can be provided to you when needed, though we will not expect you to solely provide support to your team. Should you be unable to solve any issues that may arise by using our administration system, our support team will be available to help during working hours or out of hours by arrangement.


Hand Two Excellent Configuration

Our VLE and EYFS software has many configuration options within the administration area. This area is continually expanding, which will give YOU greater control over how the software works and operates.


Hand Two Notifications and Scheduling

Scheduled tasks can be set when required. For example, a task can be set at 6am every morning to update the user and class information automatically. Tasks can also be set for user notifications, new tasks or messages.


Hand Two Coming Soon...

We are continually improving and updating our VLE and EYFS Software. Coming soon will be a whole new theme and module system which will enable an in-house developer to design their own themes for visual improvement and will also be able to add new features by writing their own modules.


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