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Our Early Years Foundation Stage software has been developed with YOU in mind.

So much effort is put into carrying out time consuming tasks, but with our unique software this will all change!

Early Years Foundation Stage Software  

Our EYFS Learning Journals software is called Octopus and has it's own website.
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Octopus Early Years Learning Journals


Hand Two Simple Organisation

When logging in to eArete’s EYFS software, in addition to the general management tools available to you, each and every user will also have instant access to a personal calendar and events diary. The calendar can be edited and managed by all users, ensuring you will never miss an important deadline or event! Parents can also view a general nursery or pre-school calendar ensuring they too, do not miss a vital date!

Hand Two Observation Management

Practitioners will now have an easy and effective tool to upload and edit assessments for each of their pupils. Not only can you record an assessment for one child, but you have the ability to complete a group assessment record where appropriate. Within the observation management tool, practitioners will be able to add detailed information in line with the government guidelines for EYFS. This not only records general details but characteristics from the assessment too. Media materials can also be uploaded using the effective drag and drop tool within the resource editor. This ensures you have implemented all necessary evidence to support your findings. All in all, the new observation tool saves time for you as a practitioner and enables a more detailed record to be written. 


Hand Two Easy parental access, saving time for EYFS practitioners

Previously, EYFS practitioners would for each and every pupil, print off assessment records to give to their parent or guardian. Today, this is obviously not the most efficient way to carry out such a task. Using our EYFS software, practitioners can share the assessment records and full learning journals with parents, who can choose to either comment and give feedback, or just keep for their personal record. This will save time drastically for the busy EYFS practitioners within the organisation.


Hand Two Monitor assessments and reports

The simplicity of our interface and useful instructions shown on each different tool within the system, allow speed and ease of monitoring the progress and various assessments recorded for each pupil. 


Hand Two Time saving and secure

Our simple interface allows users to complete numerous tasks quickly and effectively, therefore saving time. Our one-step access point with only ONE login is extremely safe with our high level of security and encryption. We have a firm belief that security is imperative and of substantial importance to educational organisations, especially within the EYFS sector.


Hand Two Available to use anywhere on any device

eArete’s Early Years Foundation Stage software allows you to use our system anywhere, on any device, at any time.


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