Addressing Educational Technology Concerns

Although educational technology is booming, investment levels and interest has rose, there are still remaining doubts about the digitisation and take over of technology within the classroom. Why is it worth your while to invest in technology for the classroom whilst schools are already facing serious funding challenges?

The best way for society to find out would be to ask the pupils on the receiving end of these technological practices. IT Pro Portal comments, ‘last year 1,000 A-Level students were questioned about their attitudes towards technology at school hop over to here. The results were insightful, with 73 per cent of the teenagers saying they felt frustrated at the inability of their teachers to use the technologies available to them effectively.’

Investment in technology is a step in the right direction, but return on investment can only come when we learn how to use it proficiently.

The same fundamental principles that we apply to the enterprise space are also relevant to the education sector. Think about how big business works: IT departments, led by the CIO, are champions for digital change, assisting employees in training, helping them to use the devices they’ve been given with ease, and updating the organisation when systems inevitably change. The same must start happening in schools, where IT professionals should clearly communicate how technology can enrich their school or university, and empower teachers and support staff to deliver a better educational experience.

The education sector is at a critical point on its journey to embrace innovative technologies, but as recent news has highlighted, there are going to be pitfalls along the way. With clear leadership and training, however, we might just be able to develop an education system that can flourish in this new age.


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