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eArete is a UK based, Virtual Learning Environment and Early Years Foundation Stage Software Supplier that provides educational organisations such as, nurseries, primary schools, secondary schools and universities, an online management system to organise and coordinate all aspects of its organisation. Our integrated learning system allows teachers, students and parents direct access to a range of online tools including homework management; classwork management; class/group management; behavioural records; assessment and progress reports along with both student and teacher data profiles.

eArete is a very fast growing business, successfully expanding and developing to support and meet the needs of its consumers. The VLE and EYFS software has been developed in-house alongside schools, teachers, parents and students to allow us to build up a complete understanding and recognition of how important it is to have a fully customisable and integrated system.

We have discovered that all educational organisations need a very different approach when designing and developing a VLE. With the knowledge that each and every school is different, just like every individual, it is crucial that they will require a unique on-line presence when it comes to designing websites and the development of on-line applications. eArete’s system in managed and hosted from just one place, including custom design, development, mobile applications, email services and SSL Certificates.  This can be incorporated and tailored as part of a new website or can be used as a standalone product.

With modern day technology progressing so rapidly, students, teachers and parents are among the first to fully appreciate a quicker and easier way to complete tasks, view important information, and store data. Utilising each of the individual skills and expertise, the eArete team has devloped an easy to use and incredibly time saving system for the creation of numerous tasks.

eArete Software

VLE Software: It's time to forget the traditional, cluttered VLE’s that are readily available in todays market… Rather than causing teachers, students and parents to waste time with unnecessary tools, our VLE is both easy to use and incredibly time saving. The generic systems with countless logins are now a thing of the past. With eArete’s learning software you are able to customise and adapt your platform in conjunction with the work you plan achieve.

EYFS Software: We are fully aware that there are set standards for the learning development and care of children from birth to five years old. Understanding how important our little ones are, we have designed this package for Early Years students either within schools, pre-schools, nurseries or perhaps for those organisations that are Ofsted registered but working independently.



Benefits to using eArete

First and foremost, our integrated online learning tool is quick and easy to use!

With our unique, one-step access point using just ONE login, this will give all teachers, students, parents and EYFS professionals complete access to the whole of the system. Having worked with a range of different educational individuals, this has allowed us to learn and become familiar with the way in which each school requires something different. In light of this, we aim to guarantee that whether you are a teacher, student, parent or EYFS professional, you will undoubtedly benefit from our system.


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Bett is the world's leading learning technology event and has been bringing innovation and inspiration to the education sector for over 30 years.



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